The Wisdom Workshop

How can we bring together already existing knowledge & talents in such a way that all living beings on our planet can live and coexist in dignity?

In my profession as an integral intercultural consultant I combine Eastern Wisdom and Western knowledge in my fields of action: business development, organizational development and coaching.
Above all, what do we learn in and from times of crisis and why should these be seen as opportunities? How can each – business, politics, culture, science and society make their contribution that changes can take place for the benefit of all? What does spirituality mean and how can this be used in the context of e.g. business and politics, and what new approaches to solutions in business would this bring?

How to connect these elements? These and many more are topics of my (Video)Podcasts. Sometimes I speak alone and often I have experts as interview partners.

Latest Episodes

Listen to my motivations for why I started this podcast.

Episode 01/22: Daniela Sarrazin interviews me about "Endure and Trust" (German)

The first podcast this year, and this time I am interviewed by Daniela Sarrazin.
Daniela describes the content in her introduction as follows:

„In today’s podcast I get to have a wonderful, almost philosophical conversation with Purvi-Shah-Paulini. In it, we are talking about „enduring and trusting“. With a wonderful lightness, we address the topics of „enduring what is“; what „the“ process of change does to us“; „trusting myself“; „accepting what my counterpart is all about“; „trusting your own life“; and ultimately, „believing that everything will be okay.““

Thank you, Daniela, for the lightness in this interview. I really enjoyed being on the „other side“ for a change.

Episode 14/21: Wisdom Workshop "The Hayden Model" Interview with Julia Hayden (Interview in German)

 „What are chakras in Hinduism are wheels in Taoism, for example, are plexus in popular medicine and spheres of the tree of life in Kabbalah. What in TCM is QI, we know in the West as breath or body fluids, the Vedas call it Prana. And in Japanese medicine the syllable „ki“ in the word Reiki corresponds exactly to this life energy.
What in Hinduism are koshas, in conventional medicine are described as biosocial effect chains, and in Kabbalah teachings are levels of worlds.“ From the manual The Hayden Model by Julia Hayden.
The Hayden Model serves as a facilitating toolbox to get closer to your inherent wisdom and power for self healing. It combines in a simple way, Western conventional medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine, with Jewish Kabbalah teachings, with Vedic philosophy from India, with your own knowledge.
The teaching cards explain in their simplicity through pictures and words the interaction of all levels of your being. They are very specific to use, adapted to the particular body, practical to implement, easy to understand and simple to use.

Episode 13/21: The Wisdom Workshop on "Experiencing Leadership with Horse Coaching" Interview with Claudia Ahl (Interview in German)

„My vision is to create a humane environment for doctors, medical professionals and patients where health and healing can take place.“- Claudia Ahl

For 20 years now, Claudia Ahl’s heartfelt desire has been to help people develop their greatest potential and integrate it into their lives. For more than three years she has been applying her knowledge mainly for medical practices and clinics.

Together with her cooperation partners, Claudia has developed holistic solutions for the medical field that solve the main bottlenecks of personnel, structures and leadership issues. What can you learn from horses about leadership? Listen in.

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