More and more organizations are aware that they are well organized, but have too little internal and external coordination.

This is not only evident in an intercultural context, although this is where it is most visible.

The resulting problems can lead to loss of time, high levels of wear on resources or complete project failure.

My integral approach incorporating intercultural consultancy aims to eliminate these severe consequences and turn problems into solutions.

Essentially, and this may sound provocative, problems and the resulting conflicts are a good thing!


Problems and conflicts are an opportunity for growth for everyone. A conflict shows there is still something to be learnt. If you set your perspectives towards expanding, learning and finding a solution, these dynamics lose their destructive power.

This is where I come in,

  • to boost confidence in the fact that there is always a solution,
  • to convey the certainty that development is possible, even though the first step towards it may feel like a step into uncertainty.

Do you want to go international?
Are you in the process of setting up a joint venture?
Do you wish to merge international teams?

Then my intercultural consultancy could help answer the following questions:

  • What could be the implications of a company with a linear understanding of time investing in countries with a cyclical understanding of time?
  • What influence does the management style of an individual company have on the leadership of a collectivist company?
  • What roles do ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ then play in this company?

Cultural differences are not a problem in themselves. They generate tension, which results in new solutions and new creative approaches that are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

To do this, it is important to understand intercultural perspectives and cultural value models, both in their entirety and at the individual level of each employee based on their upbringing, abilities and understanding of the world, using the Graves value model among other tools.

The integral difference lies in the ambition to produce solutions that suit all parties and go beyond the systemic approach in order to take into consideration internal and external levels, processes, decision-making and structures from the perspective of the intercultural composition of the team.

My experience, ambition and vision are to:

build bridges between eastern wisdom and western knowledge. The result is new connections that allow partners to retain their individuality, which is precisely how they contribute to a greater whole.


My consultancy is modular, scalable and adapted to your needs, the urgency of the situation and the number of people involved.

It can be for the team or an individual manager.


  • General sensitization to intercultural issues, irrespective of country
  • Cultural backgrounds based on typical national conversation and behavioural patterns
  • Geographical and regional differences within a country
  • Proportionalities
  • The various parties’ views of one another based on cultural influences
  • The different ways of perceiving time, respect, communicating or concealing mistakes, loyalty, etc.
  • Developing managers into international leaders


Are you a German company with a large proportion of international managers?

The starting point and nature of the advisory, proactive, integral approach to finding solutions and intercultural consultancy are tailored to your individual needs.

I have focused on German–Indian relationships for many years, and my expertise has grown and expanded well beyond these two countries to the extent that I now work on an international basis, with many projects across different countries.


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Integral & Cultural Development of Individuals and Organisation
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