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How can we bring together already existing knowledge & talents in such a way that all living beings on our planet can live and coexist in dignity?

In my profession as an integral intercultural consultant I combine Eastern Wisdom and Western knowledge in my fields of action: business development, organizational development and coaching.
Above all, what do we learn in and from times of crisis and why should these be seen as opportunities? How can each – business, politics, culture, science and society make their contribution that changes can take place for the benefit of all? What does spirituality mean and how can this be used in the context of e.g. business and politics, and what new approaches to solutions in business would this bring?

How to connect these elements? These and many more are topics of my (Video)Podcasts. Sometimes I speak alone and often I have experts as interview partners.

Latest Episodes

Listen to my motivations for why I started this podcast.

Episode 10-21: The Wisdom Workshop 3rd Interview with Ajahn Michael on "The Dependent Arising" (interview in German)

Whatever happens, happens because (under all the circumstances that could have been present) the very circumstances were present that led to the specific occurrence of the event.

This is about pure non-judgmental observation of the movements of our mind, which leads to understanding the impersonal nature of the process of arising of thoughts, feelings or emotions, as the whole chain of Dependent Arising sets it out, and the Four Noble Truths. It is about realization of the True Nature of things.

(From the course materials of Ajahan Michael)

Episode 9/21: The Wisdom Workshop Interview with Rolf Lutterbeck about “Consciousness Development” (Interview in German)

Rolf Lutterbeck, computer scientist, former executive, today systemic coach and trainer talks about the different levels of consciousness. We talk about the different perspectives that can be taken from level to level and what influence this has and can have on business and politics. What is needed for a hopeful future for future generations?

Thank you, dear Rolf, for your deep friendship. It’s nice that we know each other! With a deep bow.

Enjoy watching the video, which is accompanied with really informative slides.

Episode 8/21: The Wisdom Workshop 2nd Interview with Ajahn Michael “How does suffering arise?” (Interview in German)

Why does Buddha define complaining, birth, sorrow, etc. with the term “suffer”? You could say that these terms lead to suffering. Actually, they are not suffering per se. But Buddha defined it as above. Why? This is one of the questions Ajahn Michael has long asked himself. Through long research in neurology, psychotherapy and psychopathology, he has found tools to exactly understand this. He shares his interesting discoveries with us in this interview. Especially the discovery that Buddha’s teachings are congruent with the aforementioned sciences.

This interview is a continuation of the first interview with Ajahn Michael. But it stands for its own and can therefore be watched independently.

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