The Wisdom Workshop

How can we bring together already existing knowledge & talents in such a way that all living beings on our planet can live and coexist in dignity?

In my profession as an integral intercultural consultant I combine Eastern Wisdom and Western knowledge in my fields of action: business development, organizational development and coaching.
Above all, what do we learn in and from times of crisis and why should these be seen as opportunities? How can each – business, politics, culture, science and society make their contribution that changes can take place for the benefit of all? What does spirituality mean and how can this be used in the context of e.g. business and politics, and what new approaches to solutions in business would this bring?

How to connect these elements? These and many more are topics of my (Video)Podcasts. Sometimes I speak alone and often I have experts as interview partners.

Latest Episodes

Listen to my motivations for why I started this podcast.

I talk to Barabara Küchler, who holds a degree in business informatics, about her current core research area of level development in connection with leadership. We discuss the concepts of ego and self and the difference it makes to act from the self rather than exclusively from the ego. Why do we need leaders in organizations and companies who can include precisely this and why can we navigate more clearly through complexity in this way? We are working our way through many other aspects towards possible answers.

Thank you very much, Barbara, for this wonderful and in-depth conversation.

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Episode 1/24 Wisdom Workshop: Science communication about frugal innovation with Prof. Dr. Karin Schnitker (German)

This time I'm talking about frugal innovation again. Again scientifically with Prof Dr Karin Schnitker.

She is Professor of Corporate Management in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

I talk to her about the links between the Doughnut Economy and World Overshoot Day, the impact of Frugal Innovation on our changing society and the positive effects in the social sphere. Complex connections that are important for companies and build on a future that is fit for future generations.

Thank you, Karin, for this interview.

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