Episode 2/24 Wisdom Workshop: Frugal innovation with Gitta Peyn (German)

Episode 2/24 Wisdom Workshop: Frugal innovation with Gitta Peyn (German)

Considering growth as its own problem, i.e. overproduction, can be frightening. This can quickly lead to one-dimensional thinking, so that people, especially in industrialized nations, quickly feel patronized and believe that they are being restricted in their consumption. I talk to systems theorist and cyberneticist Gitta Peyn about the fact that we don’t need to take anything away from people, but that we have a distribution problem. What does it mean to help people to use leisure time self-determined and to think in terms of positive unemployment? What does technological development have to do with free time? What constitutes being human? What growth do we need to be able to live a fulfilled life? How does Frugal Innovation contribute to this?

Thank you, Gitta Peyn, for this wonderful conversation and for hopping through the most diverse perspectives and aspects without losing sight of the essentials in the given context. It was great fun again.

Pixabay-Image by Annca

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